Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There's a certain light that occurs at sunset in late October. It's as if light is bouncing off the clouds and lighting everything from above. The world around you seems to glow. I haven't really caught that here, but I tried.

Still, I like the composition and balance. I like the way the black ladder stands out at first, and then later on the white fire escape pops out. The way the darkened windows glow like embers.

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Michelle said...

this picture is wonderful. its very simple, but there is so much voice in it. i love the colours, and the lines in it. but most of all, i love the way you described every bit of it. you are a true artist. i look at this picture and see it plainly. you look at this picture, and see everything. im slightly jealous, i will admit, but mostly in admiration.