Friday, December 5, 2008


More paper graffiti. (If anyone knows someone who does paper graffiti I'm working on a project and I'd love to get some input! Please help me get in touch). What I liked about this shot was the way the drawing stood out. The wall behind it is painted grey and it seems very cold. Also, it looks like there's a black and white photo to the upper right, which makes an interesting contrast, but the drawing wins out. Personally, I really like this stuff. I could take pictures of it all day, and then just really enjoy the artwork found within in. So thanks to the artists that do this - and not to the people that just spray-paint their "tags" all over the place. These kind of things are like little jewels of art placed all throughout the city giving us glimmers of culture here and there; and oddly enough, it seems like the artists that do these pieces know where to put them and where not to put them. They seem to respect that only certain areas are open for this kind of stuff, as opposed to the clowns who scratch their names onto the windows of city buses, or spray-paint store fronts or apartment buildings.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that as a photographer I find it really important to edit my work. I didn't really get a lot on my last trip to NY, and so I haven't posted much. I shouldn't even have posted this! There are some more interesting shots but they don't really cut it for me, so I'll just put them aside for now. Perhaps they'll someday fit together with other pieces to make a set. Or perhaps not.

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