Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm not sure what draws me to this particular wall in Hoboken, but I've photographed it many times.

I think it's the color of the sea-foam paint contrasted by the red of the brick beneath, and the way it's peeling. It's like skin torn from muscle. It has a very organic feel to it.

And in this specific shot, I think that the reflection of the light on the window to the left (giving it a grayish hue), contrasts perfectly with the smaller, but darker window to the right. It gives it some kind of balance. Both are 'caged', which is also interesting; and you can see that rust has dripped down onto the ledge below, kind of like blood.

Additionally, both windows have flourescent lights in their upper halves, but the one on the left is a touch darker, again, giving balance. And the shadows from the fire escape just round it completely out.

Just an interesting pic.

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