Saturday, November 15, 2008

I think that for a photo to be really engaging it needs to have some emotion to it. A lot of my pics are simply design driven, with color and line creating shapes (as in SLEEVE). This one, however, has an emotional level to it. The lighting, firstly, makes it pop. There's the glow of the window onto the street, and darkness to the right. There's clearly someone there, but we can't see who it is. Then there are the posters, brightly lit and a bit washed out. To me that gives them a sense of urgency. It's not perfectly lit, and the exposure's not right, but it has to be that way. It has an immediacy to it. THEN, you add the content of the posters to it and there's a whole lot of "film noir" going on in the shot. Of course, just like a film, it's safe. We can see the lights of the city in the background, and we know that when it's over we'll walk out into the evening street as we always do.

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