Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sometimes your first image is your best image. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's what caught your eye in the first place. There's an immediacy to it that you lose in the following shots by trying to line things up and design the shot better. Sometimes a little bit of something 'off' gives just a bit of tension that makes it all fall together.

In this case, the main subject is juxtaposed against the flowers in front of it, but also connected to them by the colors. Beneath the flowers is earth. Beneath the gas pump is earth (and gasoline tanks). The sky is grey, and the pump is backlit, but it still pops out at you because of the bright colors. It's eye-catching advertising - who can argue.

But in the background the grey of the truck and the rust-colored red of the barn reflecft a more natural world. In the middle, electrical wires break up the grey of the sky.

It doesn't really make a comment on anything, it's just a reflection of the way things are, but I think that if you look at it closely and find those things on your own it should get you thinking.

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