Friday, July 3, 2009

I've done a lot of photos of mannequins. At Tyler one of my teachers told me "I've seen photos of mannequins before, but never ones that were done so lovingly". And she was right. It was a series of female mannequins and I'd been kind of enamored with their beauty, even though they weren't real. I shot them in soft light at dusk, and printed them so that they were soft with pastel colors. They almost looked like real women 'dressed' as mannequins. I avoided any reflections, and I think that eliminated a barrier, making it seem 'closer'.

A lot of my other ones are more about the reflection in the window than the mannequin itself, but I felt there was something kind of creepy about this kid. He seems angry at first glance, but then kind of lost. Kind of damaged. And I almost feel as if it appears there's a connection between him and the woman behind him (sister? mother?). It's as if she's watching over him, but at the same time if you look at her eyes it's like she's looking away from him. That's what makes the photo work. Well, that and that fact that these are implied interactions between stationary objects that infer emotion because they're designed to look like people.

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