Friday, March 6, 2009

Yet another shop window in the East Village. Obviously, the subjects gathers some interest, but forget that, I just like the immediacy of it. The 'emotion', or lack of emotion of the female mannequin is interesting. It's an inanimate object, but when we see it facing the male we read something into it. Why is that? What do we see? Why do we project? Is it inspired by the costume, or might we see the same thing if she was wearing a wedding dress? She's not entirely happy, yet she's not entirely sad. She just 'is', and I guess that works for the manufacturer of the mannequins because it's flexible. In these shots, however, the kind of coolness of the mannequin works. She seems to have some anger at first, and then a detached connection. The effect is quite determined by the shot, however. In the first one she's got the body stance of a scorpion. The other shots still dispaly that, but not in the same way; and there's not the male figure to bounce off of. ??? The valentine's day hearts just add an extra layer that we probably don't even notice until the end.

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