Thursday, January 22, 2009


Pan, with his wild flamer
Now drives
A white Trans-Am.
I can't find anything
In him,
He eats garbage...
And speaks the same

(published by Dot Dot Dot, May 1992)
followed by a quick blurb...

"Can't sing, can't dance,
likes to paint...
I know I can't wait for fate
to shape me and fear that
maybe I've been standing for
too long in drying concrete."

And I guess that's true. I have been standing for too long in drying concrete. That was 17 years ago. I haven't submitted anything for publication since (there were a few other pieces through Dot Dot Dot). Nor have I done any real painting or photography. The muse has never left me though, I've just been lazy. Oh, yeah, she comes and goes, but I just haven't written or produced. Usually when I'm inspired it's at an awkward time, when I'm away from home, and usually when I'm at work. 98% of my ideas have never been transfered from brain to paper. Partly because the timing's bad, and partly because for me once I've had the idea and experienced it, it's no longer new and exciting to me. It's been done. And I know I need to share that, and that's why I'm trying to open up a little bit more here.

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