Friday, February 25, 2011

What I was going for with this one was the color and light that you find in the middle of the night when you awaken during a thunder storm - that 'blue-black', and I think I found it. It wasn't easy though. It took a lot of trying, and I guess part of the reason for that was that was that it was done in my kitchen during a fairly standard day. It was a little overcast, but it certainly wasn't rainy. I felt the balance was good, and I love the texture; and I was hoping it would suggest a little bit of a story. I was thinking of a guy in prison who'd come to some kind of awareness and was just sitting there upright in his bunk at 2 or 3 am, just taking it all in. His lips and his right eye are in balance (as well as his nose), and then along with his ear and the little bit of brightness to the left it all comes together within the blackness. I find it perfectly balanced, and quite atmospheric. It's really quite simple, but I think it works on many levels.

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