Saturday, May 16, 2009



said the

I kind of like this poem, because it's only 4 words but it works on several levels. It's kind of like a haiku. Firstly, the monkey speaks. But then, he says "obviously". Of course! Why would we think that monkeys don't understand. Of course they do, they just can't speak like us, as is the case with all animals. And, I guess the idea is that they're just as advanced as us, or in this case, seemingly above us.

My problem, however, is that it is so small that it seems to get passed right over. No one puts any thought into it. It's just 4 words, and as I've been told, "It's not poetry". OK. There is a second and third part, but to be honest, I felt that if I took it any further it lost that focus of the gleaming little gem. It's like it had to be much more if I added the other parts; and then the first 4 words lost their power because they were just lost in the mix. So maybe it's stronger as it is?

Maybe it will at least make whomever reads it think 'why is this what it is'?


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