Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The magic of Disney juxtaposed by the reality of street life.

This is probably my favorite pic from my recent trip to NY. The cab reflected in the center, and the lights, and the Disney poster seem to collectively say downtown. It doesn't look like uptown to me. It's more glitzy. And then there's the grafitti. I can't exactly read it all, but it certainly gives an allusion to what urban life is like. And that 'scrawl' works with the font of the Disney logo - similar in a way, but worlds apart. But I guess what I really like about it is that it's real. It's just a quick snapshot of something found on the street but the graffiti brings in a suggested narrative. And that narrative is really what's compelling. "They tried 2 kill me". It's almost jungle-like - predator and prey - but in the city. If I'd set this up it would be viewed as to cliche, and fake. But here it is. Of course, whomever wrote it could have been making it up. Or, for all I know, it might just be a quote from a gangsta rap song. Hmmmm. I guess that still wouldn't matter because the power of the Disney thing is so strong.

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