Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You'll have to click on this one to see the detail. Hidden in the middle of it are a few mannequin heads with wigs. It reminds me of the photorealistic paintings of Richard Estes. Not surprisingly, this is in Manhattan as well.

I love the colors; but what I really like about it beyond the semi-hidden faces in the reflection of the building across the street is the way the angles of the window frame pull your eye upward, making you want to look up and see the rest of the building in the reflection - but you can't. And that brings you back to what you can see, and to a certain extent, that's what it's like being on the street in New York. You're in the heart of it and you can only see so much from your street level perspective; but then it doesn't matter because there's so much detail there anyway. I imagine it similar in a way to the labyrinth of Minos.